domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

Creature Concept Sketches "Cintiq"

Normally, I prefer to start a creature model by speed modelling technique because it is a creative process that fits better to my "3D way of work".I know, I know,yeees, it is essential a previous sketches to start, but I feel more confortable with 3D and clay(sculpey¡¡) for concepts that growth inside my sick 3Dmind.I felt guilty of having a wonderful tablet monitor, and dont use for a 2D concept drawing issues.A long looong time ago... I was a strict defender of traditional art,pencil, airbrush techniques...I hated computers (yes,seems impossible¡¡¡) but at now, I feel that is necessary for me to enjoy drawing (digital,traditional no matter at all, just draw¡¡¡)
When I finish the model in Maya,I will post new images as soon as possible.