domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

National Geographic "Rajasaurus test"

I Developed all process of this crazy test shot and this take me only two weeks. Modeling and unwrapping,sculpting with mudbox,texturing,lighting and simulate the environment wit a "gobo"for the shadow trees.The rigging is pretty easy with no more controls,and 27 morph targets for subtle details like breathing,blinking,ect.
For the animation test im trying to show the rajasaurus in in their wild environment,in a natural action.The matte painting is a photo located on internet and retouched.For rendering I used Vray and the render passes was around 13 layers (difusse,spec,z,velocity,occ,ect)For compositing, my favourite software for compositing:Combustion,adding all the passes, and making a color grade correction.The final Shot was added a good audio effects,developed by my friend David,thank you David¡¡¡

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