lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

Jewellery Design II: Ruby-Gold-Beetle-Bee.

My new jewellery design, inspiring in insects, a mixture between a beetle and a bee.The model was made in 3dsmax 2010, and the process for wax 3dprinting and casting in gold was made by a New York company on the Fifth Avenue.Perfect work guys¡¡¡thanks for your flawless work. The ruby came from Africa,its a cool translucent red stone(I prefer a Burma ruby"pigeons blood",next time..)
The box was made by hand,trying to evoque "old ancient lost civilization" an mixing styles.The material for modelling was Super Sculptey(thanks pigmalion) the bronze effect is a "patina" with different paints :black matte for base, old gold, and patina green antique.Applying all with a brush.
The hands images with rusted jewel you can notice a "little stairs" beacuse the piece was without polishing

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